TapNote Lite Change Log

v1.3.0Nov 9, 2012

Updates sync system to use new Dropbox API.

This version integrates the improvements in TapNote 1.7 into TapNote Lite:


  • Updated sync system to use Dropbox’s new v1 API and Oauth authentication (sorry folks; I know the Oauth flow is not as user-friendly, but there’s no alternative). Please update before December 1 as Dropbox will be deprecating the version of their API that past versions of TapNote relied on at that time.
  • New “Disconnect From Dropbox” option in the app menu. This allows you to explicitly log out of Dropbox on your device, which makes it much easier to debug connection issues and reconnect. No more needing to visit the Dropbox website to kill TapNote’s connection there!
v1.2.0Feb 20, 2012

Adds Pre3 support, updated TouchPad interface, and loads of bug fixes.

This update brings TapNote Lite to parity with the full version of TapNote.


  • Pre3 support (finally)
  • (TouchPad) Updated interface to match changes in TapNote 1.6


  • Modified Dropbox login prompt to show on second launch rather than first (less intrusive)
  • (Phones) Fixed problems with emailing documents containing backslashes
  • (Phones) Fixed help images
  • (Phones) Updated icons with hi-res versions for Pre3
  • (TouchPad) Fixed spacing problems with debugging tools in Help menu
  • (TouchPad) Switched to a cancel button instead of a spinner when synching to improve performance
  • (TouchPad) Optimized timing of syncs to improve launch performance and speed
  • (TouchPad) Remembers cursor position and keyboard state when switching between cards
  • (TouchPad) “New” button no longer closes keyboard when tapped
  • (TouchPad) Keyboard automatically closes when deleting selected document
  • (TouchPad) Syncs check for connection before beginning to vastly improve performance when internet is not available
  • (TouchPad) Will prompt to sync if internet connection is regained after a failed sync attempt
v1.1.2Aug 3, 2011

Bugfix release that improves compatibility with first OTA update for TouchPad.


  • Dragging sync toggle in app menu now properly enables or disables it
  • Includes all bug fixes from TapNote 1.4.2
v1.1.1Jul 7, 2011

Fixes various bugs on the TouchPad, and makes it possible to reinstall successfully without restarting device first.


  • Tweaked contextual menu capitalization for consistency with HP apps
  • Document scroll now resets when switching documents to prevent transition from long to short documents from looking like nothing is displayed
  • Prevented ampersands and greater than/less than symbols from being converted to HTML entities every save
  • Whitespace at beginning or end of document is no longer stripped on save
  • Cursor controls now work with selected title
  • Mojo splash screens are spaced better with the large TapNote-style strobing icon
v1.1.0Jul 2, 2011

All-new interface for the TouchPad!

TapNote Lite now runs on all WebOS devices (Pre, Pixi, Veer, and TouchPad), and includes a completely redesigned interface for the TouchPad.

For users on WebOS phones, this release contains no new features.

v1.0.2May 17, 2011

Allows switching to Windows Linebreaks for users without access to paid App Catalog.


  • Users in countries without access to the paid App Catalog can now switch to using Windows Linebreaks within the TapNote Lite Help menu. This is only necessary for those users who rely on Windows Notepad; see the TapNote 1.2.1 release notes for general info about this feature.
  • Improved subject line when submitting sync debug logs (so I can more easily distinguish between TapNote and TapNote Lite support requests)
v1.0.1May 15, 2011

Minor bugfix release.

This release fixes a bug that prevented new cards from opening when trying to open a document in a new card from the editing screen. It also includes some minor modifications to the frequency of nag screens for users in countries with access to the paid App Catalog.

v1.0.0Apr 27, 2011

Initial release.

TapNote Lite 1.0.0 is a feature-limited version of TapNote for users who want to try the app before they buy, or those who they live in a country without access to the paid App Catalog.

Currently TapNote Lite offers all the basic features of TapNote (including Dropbox sync), but does not include app preferences, Quick Text, or Just Type support. It is also highly unlikely I will update it with anything other than bugfixes and optimizations; certainly all major new features will be going into the paid app.

Enjoy TapNote Lite, and I hope that you will consider upgrading to the full version of TapNote after your trial is done!