free notes at your fingertips

Want to try TapNote before you buy, or live in a country without access to the paid App Catalog? You’re in luck!

TapNote Lite is a feature-limited version that allows you to use the basic features of TapNote for free. Create and edit documents, sync them with Dropbox, and enjoy distraction-free writing.

If you enjoy TapNote Lite, please consider upgrading to TapNote! A few good reasons to do so:

  • Preferences: customize the theme, font, text size to suit yourself
  • Quick Text: quickly insert the current date and/or time
  • Just Type: create new notes or append to existing notes from your launcher (WebOS 2.0-only)
  • Active updates: TapNote has a lot of exciting new features coming up that are unlikely to be included in the Lite version
  • Support continued development: buying TapNote supports an awesome independent developer!

Download TapNote Lite for free in the Palm App Catalog.