TapNote 1.4.2

August 3, 2011

Bugfix release containing minor improvements to TapNote on TouchPad.


  • New documents no longer have gray text or start with a leading space
  • Minor bug fixes to open source bundled Database kind
  • Documents with a backslash in them (\) can now be emailed
  • Merge conflict screen resets scroll when changing visible document
  • Removed default formatting for the advanced date and time formatting preference to better fit with the aesthetics of the app
  • Documents will now sync (if necessary) when closing the keyboard, even if they were previously saved successfully locally
  • Restyled delete popups for better consistency with HP apps
  • Fixed various minor problems caused by the WebOS 3.0.2 OTA update on TouchPad
  • Styling fixes for WebOS 3.0.2 OTA update on TouchPad