notes at your fingertips

TapNote: now for TouchPad! TapNote now runs on all webOS devices, allowing you to purchase it once and use it anywhere.

TapNote for HP webOS eschews clutter and complexity to make writing a joy:

  • Plain text: no digging through menus for formatting commands; instead focus on what matters
  • Dropbox sync: instant access to your notes from anywhere
  • Document-based: store as much or as little text in each document as you like
  • Multiple cards: reference multiple documents side by side
  • Quick Text: insert dates and times instantly
  • Just Type: create new notes and append to notes from anywhere (webOS 2.0+ only)
  • Reading mode: rotate your phone to read uninterrupted
  • Email documents: quickly send a document to your coworkers or loved ones
  • Make it your own: personalize your writing experience with multiple fonts, font sizes, and themes
  • Runs everywhere: use TapNote on your Pre, Pixi, Veer, or TouchPad

Available for free via Preware.