Support Folder

The Support folder is where you will store your custom action files for use with TEA, Spice, or potentially other Sugars down the road. For users, your Support folder should live here (you’ll need to create it if you haven’t added any custom actions before):

~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Support/

For Sugar developers, your Support folder will live at the root level of your Sugar:


Everything that TEA needs to access in the Support folder is sorted into one of the following sub-folders:

This is where the scripts that power TextActions or FileActions live. Custom TEA actions in Python, shell scripts for use with the TEALoader, or Javascripts for Spice should all live in this folder.
This folder contains supporting scripts. For example, if you share functions and classes across multiple actions, you may wish to store them here and access them from the action scripts at run time.
This folder is intended for binary files and so forth that are leveraged by actions in Support/Scripts.
Text files, graphics, etc. needed by items in Support/Scripts or Support/Library should be stored in this folder.
Testing files or resources (if the Sugar or user needs them) belong here.


For custom user actions, there is one additional folder that needs to live within your Support folder:

This is where you’ll store your action XML definition files. For a typical custom user action, you’ll only need Support/Scripts and Support/TextActions.

Sugar developers should not have a Support/TextActions folder in their Sugar; instead use the standard TextActions folder supported by Espresso.

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