TEA for Coda 2.0b3

January 6, 2010

Merges in Serge’s zen coding improvements, including tag balancing, Wrap With Abbreviation, and more and reorganizes the menus and shortcuts for more sane access to the actions.


  • New zen coding version (v0.5), with related improvements including new Wrap With Abbreviation action
  • New Update <img> Size action (courtesy of Serge)
  • Also thanks to the new zen coding, there are new tag balancing actions to select the current tag’s contents (moving both outward and inward)
  • Expand Abbreviation and Wrap With Abbreviation now attempt to determine the syntax of the active file by examining the path extension. Note that this will only work with saved files; unsaved files (even if they have something like “Untitled.css” in the tab bar) will still default to HTML. If in an HTML file, the action will also check if it’s in a <style> tag and use CSS if so.
  • Line endings in snippets are now cleaned to match those in the document rather than always defaulting to Unix.