TapNote Lite 1.2.0

February 20, 2012

Adds Pre3 support, updated TouchPad interface, and loads of bug fixes.

This update brings TapNote Lite to parity with the full version of TapNote.


  • Pre3 support (finally)
  • (TouchPad) Updated interface to match changes in TapNote 1.6


  • Modified Dropbox login prompt to show on second launch rather than first (less intrusive)
  • (Phones) Fixed problems with emailing documents containing backslashes
  • (Phones) Fixed help images
  • (Phones) Updated icons with hi-res versions for Pre3
  • (TouchPad) Fixed spacing problems with debugging tools in Help menu
  • (TouchPad) Switched to a cancel button instead of a spinner when synching to improve performance
  • (TouchPad) Optimized timing of syncs to improve launch performance and speed
  • (TouchPad) Remembers cursor position and keyboard state when switching between cards
  • (TouchPad) “New” button no longer closes keyboard when tapped
  • (TouchPad) Keyboard automatically closes when deleting selected document
  • (TouchPad) Syncs check for connection before beginning to vastly improve performance when internet is not available
  • (TouchPad) Will prompt to sync if internet connection is regained after a failed sync attempt