HTMLBundle.sugar 1.2.0

March 8, 2012

Added “Update <img> Size” and “Validate Document (W3C)”; now relies on third-party ShellActions.sugar.

HTMLBundle.sugar now requires ShellActions.sugar in order to work! You must download and install ShellActions.sugar before the updated version of HTMLBundle will function.


  • Switched to rely on ShellActions.sugar instead of TEALoader; actions now work with any size document or selection!
  • Re-implemented “Update <img> Size” action. Action now processes all IMG tags in the selection(s), or if there is no selection all IMG tags on the current line
  • Added “Validate Document (W3C)” action to quickly validate HTML documents in Espresso
  • “Wrap in <?= ?>” is now a snippet, which is generally more useful
  • Moved actions into their own menu (to make it easier to tell when the Sugar is installed)
  • Now possible to localize the Sugar