HTMLBundle.sugar Change Log

v1.2.2Jun 20, 2014

HTML validation now includes links to quickly open the file at the affected line. This functionality requires Espresso 2.2 or higher.

v1.2.1Mar 16, 2012

Adds support for XML and XSL for the HTML snippets.

Turns out sometimes people want to use HTML snippets in XSL. Now you can.

v1.2.0Mar 8, 2012

Added “Update <img> Size” and “Validate Document (W3C)”; now relies on third-party ShellActions.sugar.

HTMLBundle.sugar now requires ShellActions.sugar in order to work! You must download and install ShellActions.sugar before the updated version of HTMLBundle will function.


  • Switched to rely on ShellActions.sugar instead of TEALoader; actions now work with any size document or selection!
  • Re-implemented “Update <img> Size” action. Action now processes all IMG tags in the selection(s), or if there is no selection all IMG tags on the current line
  • Added “Validate Document (W3C)” action to quickly validate HTML documents in Espresso
  • “Wrap in <?= ?>” is now a snippet, which is generally more useful
  • Moved actions into their own menu (to make it easier to tell when the Sugar is installed)
  • Now possible to localize the Sugar
v1.1.0Jul 1, 2011

This is a minor update, bringing full compatibility with Espresso 2.0.

HTMLBundle.sugar is now fully compatible with Espresso 2.0, and should no longer trigger error reports when using some of its actions.

The zen coding “balance tag” command has been removed in favor of gathering non-supported zen coding functionality into a separate sugar.

v1.0.5Jun 7, 2010

Minor bug fixes and speed improvements to majority of bundled snippets.

Also includes the Update Image Size action from Serge Che; this was included in 1.0.4, but I forgot to publish release notes for that version.

Bugs fixed

  • No more curly brace in the <select> snippet
  • All non-XHTML reliant snippets have been converted to Espresso native snippets for improved speed
v1.0.3Oct 25, 2009

Adds Balance Tag action to allow HTML tag balancing regardless of context. Requires TEA for Espresso 1.0.2.

New Features

  • Balance Tag: this action allows you to utilize zen coding’s tag balancing algorithm regardless of context. Particularly useful for tags that are embedded within strings in other languages (like PHP or Javascript).
v1.0.2Oct 9, 2009

Adds a new action to convert all selected characters into numeric HTML entities.

This minor update adds the new Characters To Numeric Entities action; this is particularly useful for obfuscating email addresses to prevent spambots from harvesting them while still leaving them accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they have Javascript or not. For instance, select the email address in this:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Email me!</a>

And run it through Characters To Numeric Entities to get:

<a href="mailto:&#x6D;&#x65;&#x40;&#x73;&#x6F;&#x6D;&#x65;&#x70;&#x6C;&#x61;&#x63;&#x65;&#x2E;&#x63;&#x6F;&#x6D;">Email me!</a>
v1.0.1Aug 8, 2009

Updated the folder structure to use the new Support folder. Requires TEA 1.0b18+.

New features

  • Updated folder structure to use the new Support folder rather than the old TEA folder
  • Minor fixes to the included snippets
v1.0May 21, 2009

Includes the majority of non-UI dependent actions from the Textmate HTML.bundle that didn’t make it into TEA, along with an expanded collection of the Textmate HTML snippets.

Initial release

  • Entities → Decode Entities in Selection/Line
  • Encrypt Selection/Line (ROT13)
  • URL Escape Selection/Line
  • URL Unescape Selection/Line
  • Wrap in <?= … ?>
  • Strip HTML From Document/Selection
  • Full snippet library ported from Textmate
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