Why do I need to request an upgrade?

With the launch of the TouchPad, TapNote is now available in a new version that bundles customized copies of the app for phones and tablets into the same package. This allows you to buy TapNote once and use it on any WebOS device you own.

I was originally planning to update the existing version of TapNote to support all devices, but unfortunately HP was not able to add support for apps that bundled Mojo and Enyo code in the same package in time for the TouchPad release so I was forced to release the TouchPad version separately. Once HP adds support for universal apps, the TouchPad version will be the only version that I continue to support and update.

Previous purchasers of TapNote are eligible for a free upgrade to the new universal version (via promo codes, so this is only worthwhile if you have a device running WebOS 2 or 3).

How can I upgrade?

If you already own TapNote and want to upgrade to the new universal version, first visit the App Catalog and download the 1.3.2 update.

Once v1.3.2 is downloaded, launch it. You might be prompted to request a free update right away, or you can swipe down at the top left to open the app menu, and tap the “Free upgrade…” menu item. Tap the green “Request Update” button. The Email app will open with some default text. If you have any questions or comments, please add them above the line that reads “DO NOT EDIT BENEATH THIS LINE”.

When I receive your upgrade request via email, I will respond to acknowledge your request and add you to my list of people who need a free upgrade. When HP enables universal apps, I will then email you once more with your free promo code for the new version. (For any worried about their privacy, I will not use your email beyond the my response to you with your promo code.)

The email with your promo code will include instructions for using it. Once you have received and/or redeemed your code, you can delete the legacy version of TapNote (but make sure to sign into Dropbox and sync first so that your documents are available in the new version!).

If you have any further questions about the free upgrade, please do not hesitate to email me at tapnote@onecrayon.com.