TEA for Espresso 1.1

December 14, 2009

Though introducing few new features, TEA for Espresso 1.1 has been completely rewritten in Objective-C to provide better speed and take greater advantage of Espresso’s API. Requires Espresso 1.1

TEA for Espresso 1.1 is bundled with Espresso 1.1, so there is no need to download it. Just update your version of Espresso and you’ll get to use all of TEA’s new functionality immediately!

There is one known issue that I haven’t been able to fix yet: currently the first TEA action that you invoke will have a short delay before it is completed (you may get a very short beachball). This is thanks to the Python interpreter no longer being launched along with Espresso, and although it vastly improves Espresso’s launch time (and improves memory usage for people who aren’t using TEA actions) it means that the delay is present when you run your first action. Subsequent actions should perform at normal or better speeds, and I will hopefully come up with some way around this problem for a future version.

New Features

  • All core classes (TEAforEspresso, TEALoader, etc.) are now coded in Objective-C
  • New Preferences screen included within Espresso’s preferences; preferences now display the version of TEA for easy reference
  • New shortcuts for Select Word (command-shift-W) and Documentation For Tag (command-shift-H) to prevent conflicts with new Espresso shortcuts

Fixes and improvements

  • New generic TEAUserInput class replaces various classes that needed to load in sheets, making sheet handling for custom actions easier
  • Added workaround to fix zen coding’s html_matcher’s inability to handle text without HTML tags in it
  • Snippet indentation now relies on Espresso’s built-in auto-indentation
  • Action.xml files are now better organized
  • TEA for Espresso no longer needs to be compiled on 10.5 to run on both 10.5 and 10.6