TEA for Espresso 1.1.1

December 20, 2009

Adds compatibility for custom zen coding abbreviations using user snippets, switches to built-in $EDITOR_SELECTION variable for snippets and other actions, and fixes numerous bugs (mostly zen coding problems).


  • New preference: “Use user snippets as zen coding abbreviations”. Turning this on will copy all of your user-defined snippets in Espresso into zen coding abbreviations, allowing you to use them as part of standard zen coding compound abbreviations. Currently overriding existing zen coding abbreviations doesn’t work too well, but otherwise this can be a handy alternative to tab completions for accessing your snippets.
  • $SELECTED_TEXT in TEA actions has been deprecated in favor of Espresso’s built-in $EDITOR_SELECTION variable. Where possible, the $EDITOR_SELECTION variable is run through Espresso’s snippet handling (allowing you to use transformations or whatever on it). $SELECTED_TEXT will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but may be removed in future. Please update your snippets and Sugar actions!

Bug fixes

  • Wrap With Abbreviation no longer totally screws up on multiple lines
  • Selection → Balance action no longer throws a “NoneType not iterable” error when reaching the top level of the document
  • Zen custom snippet cache file moved into Support folder to prevent read/write errors
  • Far better error handling for folder and cache creation
  • Switched to reading Espresso Preferences via Cocoa rather than relying on Python’s plist parser (much more reliable)