TapNote 1.6.0

February 7, 2012

Includes new high-contrast TouchPad theme, word count stats, a fast scrolling tool, and numerous of bugfixes.

New features

  • Document stats with word and character count
  • (TouchPad) Fast scrolling button to quickly navigate long documents
  • (TouchPad) High-contrast Cathode theme
  • (TouchPad) Syncs will not initiate without an internet connection
  • (TouchPad) Prompts to sync if internet connection is re-established


  • (TouchPad) “New document” button no longer closes keyboard
  • (TouchPad) Keyboard now closes when deleting document
  • (TouchPad) Quick Text handled correctly when auto-setting title
  • (TouchPad) Quick Text now works at the very beginning of the document
  • (TouchPad) Scroll position updates correctly when appending text via Just Type