TapNote 1.5.1

October 10, 2011

Includes bug fixes and minor improvements for TouchPad.

TapNote on the TouchPad now requires webOS 3.0.2 (although it will install on vanilla TouchPads just fine, you will find some of the improvements in this release will not work).


  • (TouchPad) Removed sync spinner to greatly improve the speed of sync and responsiveness of the app when synching
  • (TouchPad) Optimized launch actions to improve speed and responsiveness at launch
  • (TouchPad) Cursor placement or selection and keyboard state is now restored when minimizing or maximizing active editing cards
  • (TouchPad) Editor content is now more stable when synching, making it easier to edit while a sync is going on in the background or resume editing immediately after a sync
  • (TouchPad) Improved detection of keyboard opening and closing in order to automatically place edit cursor, save, and so forth