TapNote 1.0

June 2, 2010

First release! Dead-simple text editing, multiple cards, and lots more.

I am extremely happy to announce TapNote for Palm WebOS! TapNote is a simple and beautiful text editing app for WebOS devices like the Palm Pre and Pixi.

The first release offers:

  • Plain text editing in a simple, elegant package
  • Saving notes (and other arbitrary text) as documents
  • Multiple cards for simultaneous editing or reference
  • Reading mode (rotate your phone and all the interface goes away, leaving just you and your writing)
  • Send documents via email
  • Multiple themes, fonts, font sizes, and more

TapNote is available in the Palm App Catalog for $4.00 (price may vary outside the U.S.).

Known bugs
Thanks to the delay between submission and release, I discovered a couple bugs that I’ve already fixed for 1.0.1 (should be available early next week, depending on Palm’s review schedule). Most people won’t be affected, but if you’re using multiple cards please be aware that:

  • Switching away from a new card as it is loading may change the document’s title to “Untitled”. This is due to slightly over-aggressive saving.
  • If you delete a document that is open in a new card, the card will not automatically close.