TapNote 1.0.2

June 15, 2010

This update features new delete functionality and improved notification when a new update is released.

New Features

  • Delete option in app menu: when editing a document, you can now immediately delete it from the global app menu
  • Automatic deletion of empty documents: if you close a document which is empty and untitled, TapNote will automatically delete it
  • Improved update checking: rather than loading the entire Palm detail page for TapNote and parsing it for the latest version number, the app now loads only the information it needs from onecrayon.com (latest version string and summary of release notes)
  • Update checking now optional: if you do not wish to have TapNote notify you when it is updated, you can disable it in the app preferences


  • In the default Slate theme, the top fade no longer darkens the top of the document
  • Fixed problems with top fade in the Help scene
  • Changed order of contextual menu options in the documents list to match that in the app menu

Please note: TapNote also now logs the following non-identifiable information when it checks to see if there is an update:

  • Unique device ID (contains no information that I could use to associate the data with a specific user; merely ensures that I’m not logging information for the same person more than once)
  • TapNote version
  • Cell phone carrier (Sprint, Verizon, etc.)
  • Device model (Pre, Pixi)
  • WebOS version
  • Mojo framework build number
  • Keyboard layout
  • Locale (en_us, for example)

I decided to gather this information for several reasons:

  1. I wanted to get some idea of the size of the userbase and get an approximate idea of how many new users I’m getting per day (Palm’s developer stats are worthless for this)
  2. I wanted to be able to track active devices and WebOS versions so I can make informed decisions in the future about what I need to support and whether I can take advantage of backwards-incompatible changes in WebOS
  3. I wanted to know how many non-English users are making use of TapNote so I can better prioritize localized versions of the app

Your privacy is secure; aside from having no way to associate this data with a given user, I will not share it save as aggregate statistics. That fact notwithstanding, if you are not comfortable with me collecting this info, simply disable the automatic update checking functionality in the app preferences. You will still be able to download updates to TapNote by checking for them by hand in the Palm App Catalog.