WebOS.sugar Change Log

v2.2.0Aug 6, 2011

Updated to run properly with most recent Espresso 2.0 Kabooms.

From a user’s standpoint, not much about WebOS.sugar has changed. Performance should be slightly faster, but otherwise it is basically identical to the 2.1 release.

Internally, however, the WebOS.sugar’s file actions have been rewritten to use Objective-C and the Sugar now requires compiling in Xcode 4 before you can install it. If you have previously installed the Sugar using Git, you will need to reinstall it by downloading it.

The switch from JavaScript actions to Objective-C was necessary due to changes in the way Espresso 2.0 handles JavaScript actions (only text actions are supported now).


v2.1.1Jul 4, 2011

Small addition to Enyo CodeSense.

This update adds the much-used this.inherited(arguments) to the CodeSense; I cannot believe I missed this in the initial release, as it was the big reason that I undertook to add Enyo CodeSense at all (got sick of typing out the inherited method call).

If you are downloading the Sugar to update it, remember to check your Sugars folder to make sure that Espresso is properly replacing it when you double click it; I have not tested this capability in Espresso 2.0 yet.

You can find your Sugars here:

~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/
v2.1.0Jul 2, 2011

Adds comprehensive Enyo CodeSense.

This version of the WebOS.sugar adds CodeSense for WebOS’s new Enyo framework. This makes it much quicker to write Enyo programs in Espresso 2, and also makes this plugin one of the more fully-featured third party WebOS editor plugins available.

v2.0.0Jun 30, 2011

First public release on One Crayon.

This is the first public release of the revamped WebOS.sugar, updated for compatibility with the pre-release version of Espresso 2.0. Most of the features from the original version of the Sugar released through GitHub and the Palm forums have made it through intact (including actions to build and run your app, follow your app’s logs, and more).